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The City of Bloomington Works to Update Its Comprehensive Plan

Posted on February 10th, by Nate Nickel in Comprehensive Planning. No Comments

The City of Bloomington Works to Update Its Comprehensive Plan

By: Nate Nickel

The City of Bloomington is currently working to update its 2002 Growth Policies Plan (GPP), which serves as Bloomington’s comprehensive plan. This update process, named “ImagineBloomington”, was initiated in 2011 by both the Plan Commission and City Council. To help guide and assist the ImagineBloomington process, a 25 member steering committee was formed. It consists of citizen members that represent a broad range of community interests and has been very involved throughout the process.

The first step for ImagineBloomington was to create a vision statement. This would be a broad-based statement of the community’s long-term vision for the future (approximately 20-25 year outlook). An extensive public outreach process engaged citizens and stakeholders to envision the future of their community over the next 25 years. Mayor Mark Kruzan called the visioning process “a unique and exciting opportunity for Bloomington citizens to play an integral role in defining the future of our community. This is a chance for us to create a common vision for Bloomington and start working together to achieve it.”

The visioning phase of ImagineBloomington was held between February and April of 2012. There were several ways for the public to participate. These included community workshops, an on-line survey, informal tabling events, and an interactive online forum called “UserVoice”. The Steering Committee and Planning Department staff then utilized the public input received from this process to create a draft vision statement.

Approved by the Plan Commission and the City Council in early 2013, the vision statement will now act as the foundation for drafting the policy guidance of the updated comprehensive plan. This stage of the ImagineBloomington process is just getting underway and is expected to run through early 2014.

For more information or additional details, please see the City of Bloomington “ImagineBloomington” webpage at, or contact Planning Department staff at (812) 349-3423.


A scene from one of the workshops held to solicit public input for the ImagineBloomington vision statement.

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