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Planning and Zoning Law

2017 Planning and Zoning Code Annotated (“blue book”) is at the printer. Books will be available mid-January 2018. To pre-order click here.

The book is produced in conjunction with APA Indiana and the Land Use and Zoning Section of the Indiana State Bar Association.

Special pricing is available for orders of 10 books or more (at any time). You can order directly and have the books sent to you and we also will have them available for purchase at our conferences.

The price of the books includes shipping them by media mail. Media mail can take up to 8 business days to arrive.

Table of Contents
Part One

Chapter 1: Plan Commissions in Indiana
Chapter 2: Planning Tools for Communities
Chapter 3: History of Planning and Zoning in Indiana
Chapter 4: Restrictions on Planning and Zoning
Chapter 5: Indiana Courts—Hierarchy of Courts and Judicial Review of Zoning Decisions
Chapter 6: Related Statutes and Regulations

Part Two

Title 36, Local Government
Planning and Development Statutes
Article 7: Planning and Development
Chapter 1: Definitions
Chapter 2: General Powers Concerning Planning and Development
Chapter 3: Platting and Vacation of Real Property
Chapter 4: Local Planning and Zoning
Chapter 5.1: Joint District Planning and Zoning
Chapter 7: Regional Planning Commissions
Chapter 11: Historic Presentation Generally
Chapter 11.1: Historic Preservation in Marion County

Annexation Statutes

Article 4: Government of Cities and Towns Generally
Chapter 3: Municipal Annexation and Disannexation