Indiana Chapter - American Planning Association

Citizen Planner Guide

This online booklet is part of a series of publications of the Indiana Chapter of the American Planning Association to be used as training materials for citizen planners: plan commission members, board of zoning appeals members, neighborhood organizations, and citizen committees. These materials are intended to supplement publications such as Planning Made Easy and the Citizen’s Guide to Planning. These materials contain information specific to Indiana. Users of these guides are strongly encouraged to read other, more general books on planning and zoning. The information contained in these documents is intended for informational purposes only and is not to be considered legal advice.


Part 1: Plan Commission Basics

Part 2: BZA Basics

Part 3: Avoiding Pitfalls

Part 4: Communications

Part 5: Rules of Procedure

Part 6: Ethics

Part 7: Comprehensive Plans

Part 8: Zoning Ordinance

Part 9: Subdivision Control Ordinance 

Part 10: Site/Development Plan Review

Part 11: Economic Development