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This page contains information about the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) and Certification Maintenance (CM).

American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP)

APA Indiana is committed to promoting professional development and advancing the planning profession through participation in the American Institute of Certified Planners.

Considering Certification?

Taking the AICP exam is the first step to becoming a certified planner. To qualify, one must:

  • Be a current APA member,
  • Submit your online application meeting certain education and experience criteria, and
  • Pass the AICP Exam.

The AICP Certification Exam Guide is your complete guide to becoming an AICP member.

Included below are links and information regarding the AICP Exam and Certification Maintenance Credits. For more information, contact the APA Indiana Professional Development Officer, Philip Roth.

Taking the AICP Exam?

For questions regarding the AICP exam, please email We also encourage you to check out the new AICP Exam web page at

More information is available on the APA website,

AICP Exam Study Materials

The Indiana Chapter and its Professional Development Committee have developed a set of study notes to help planners who are preparing to take the AICP Exam. The notes are an excellent resource to use in your preparation for the AICP Exam, and were compiled in early 2010, with the assistance of the Pennsylvania Chapter of the APA’s Professional Development Committee. Thank you to those who contributed to these materials.

AICP Exam Preparation Reference Materials

Important Dates

Find out about upcoming exam dates and times via the AICP Certification website.

AICP’s Certification Maintenance Credits

Find out about CM Credit opportunities on APA’s CM Credits website.

We also post opportunities for CM credits as we are aware of them on our APA Indiana events page. To add an event to the calendar, please send an email to with the event name, date, time, location, description, and website (if applicable).  Events may include affiliated disciplines such as architecture, urban design, economic development, community development, etc.

Certification Maintenance (CM)

  • The following four options should assist you in answering any future questions: the reporting of CM credits, please contact us
  • For questions regarding what educational opportunities will offer CM credit, please contact the coordinator or identified contact for each specific opportunity (or the originator of the email/notice).
  • Please note: Some providers of educational opportunities may not be aware of the AICP CM credit program and this would be a good opportunity to let them know that there is interest among our membership to register their offerings for CM credit. You can find more information about submitting an opportunity for CM credits here.
  • As always, additional information regarding the CM credit program, online reporting issues, and registered/pre-registered CM credit events can be found at and navigating through the recently updated APA website.


Members are allowed to report up to 8 CM credits that are from activities not registered by a provider. The ability to claim these “self-reported” credits is scheduled to launch with the new system. Self-study is a term that identifies distance education products, such as online courses, CD ROMs, etc. There is no limit to the number of CM credits a member may claim from these types of educational activities.

National Planning Conference CM Credit Calculation

All sessions at the National Planning Conference were registered for CM credit according to the duration of the training provided. An hour of training was registered for 1.0 CM credits, not 1.25 credits.

Partial CM Credit

Members are not allowed to claim partial credit for an activity. Members can only log the number of credits that are registered by the provider. If your event is designed to offer the flexibility of attending a portion of the full event (e.g. attendees being able to attend one-day out of a two-day workshop, or half of a full day event), then we encourage you to register it for CM credit under the “multi-part event” option.