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Greenspace Trends Report

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Report Author: Caleb Ernest (Environmental Commission and Planning Intern)
Report Coordinator: Linda Thompson (Senior Environmental Planner)
City of Bloomington Environmental Commissioners: Carissa Moncavage (Chair), Sean Gorman (Vice Chair), Chaim Julian (Secretary/Treasurer), Carrie Albright, Andrew Carty, Norm Crampton, Diane Jung, Kriste Lindberg, Michael Litwin, Deborah Myerson, and Dedaimia Whitney
With City of Bloomington Staff: Laura Haley (GIS Manager), Russ Goodman (GIS Specialist), and Dave Williams (Parks and Recreation Operations & Development Director)
And support from IU staff: Chris Dintaman (GIS Specialist) and Theresa Quill (Library/GIS Associate)

A “haven of blooms, the gateway to scenic southern Indiana, Tree City USA” –all designations for Bloomington, Indiana. As we steadily develop from a quaint town into a thriving urban municipality, it is important to remember what makes Bloomington so distinctly attractive to newcomers and natives alike. Bloomington protects its assets by conducting a periodic assessment of greenspace gain or loss. The City of Bloomington Environmental Commission (EC) began this assessment in 1993 and this report is an update of that assessment. With the assistance of the City’s Information and Technology Services (ITS), Planning Department, and Indiana University (IU), the “Greenspace Trends Report 2007-2011” covers the change in greenspace from the 2007 records.

The tables in this report demonstrate the findings from analyzing 2007-2011 data on acres of greenspace. The data are categorized into different sections: with and without areas intended for annexation (AIFA), greenspace trends from 1993-2011, tables illustrating percent loss and gain comparing past and current years, and graphs illustrating percent loss and gain comparing past and current years.

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