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City of Terre Haute Remediates Large Community Brownfield Site

Posted on May 13th, by Nate Nickel in Brownfields, Economic Development. No Comments

By: Nate Nickel

The City of Terre Haute is beginning the remediation process for a large brownfield site in the community.  Scheduled to begin on June 1, 2013, the $5.3 million project will remediate 20 acres of the former Terre Haute Coke and Coal site.  Funding will be provided through the Indiana Brownfields Program and the Indiana Finance Authority.  In fact, according to City of Terre Haute Chief Planner Pat Martin, it will be the largest single brownfield project to have been completed in the Indiana Finance Authority’s history.

The Terre Haute Coke and Coal site was a 52-acre coke and manufactured gas production facility that was in operation between 1926 and 1988.  It manufactured 150,000 tons of high-carbon coke, with about 70% of the coke shipped to gray iron foundries.  The City of Terre Haute currently owns 49 acres of the brownfield site.

The remediation plan calls for a total of 80,000 cubic yards of soil to be removed.  The soil is contaminated with tar, arsenic, lead, naphthalene, benzo(a)pyrene and other hazardous substances.  Between 1,800 and 2,000 tons of soil will be removed each day.  The project also includes the demolition and removal of any sub-surface structures, such as foundations, bricks, pipes or pits.

In addition to cleaning the brownfield site, an asphalt trail will also be installed on location.  Martin says that the 1/3 mile, 10 foot wide trail, will not only be a very cost-effective way to cap the ground that is near an underground natural gas pipeline, but will also provide an excellent bicycle and pedestrian facility as well.

(Thank you to City of Terre Haute Chief Planner Pat Martin for his helpful assistance in preparing this blog post).

Soil is tested at the former Terre Haute Coke and Coal site.

A soil sample is tested at the former Terre Haute Coke and Coal site.






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