Indiana Chapter - American Planning Association


What is the Indiana Chapter of the American Planning Association?
APA Indiana is the state affiliate to the American Planning Association, the professional organization for planners across the country.

Mission Statement
The Indiana Chapter of the American Planning Association advocates good planning for making great communities.  APA-IN promotes vision and leadership that fosters better planning in Indiana by building public and political support for sound planning and providing its members with the tools and support that advance planning.

Chapter Vision

  • APA-IN strives to be the authority on innovative planning that rises to today’s challenges and meets emerging needs.
  • Planning is the best way of using public resources to create vital communities.
  • APA-IN and its members are leading the way toward a stronger economy, a better environment, and a more equitable society.
  • APA-IN wants to give communities the confidence that good planning will help them make wise decisions and sound investments to reach their goals.

Chapter Values

The APA-IN Chapter believes:

  • Planning is a critical function of government, citizens, and the private sector;
  • Planning brings forth the best ideas by balancing varied interests and resources;
  • Planning is objective and open-minded;
  • Planning is comprehensive, inclusive, and empowering; and
  • Planning values the diversity of Indiana’s communities, cultures and places.

View the APA Indiana 2018 – 2020 Strategic Plan

Indiana Chapter of the American Planning Association
125 W Market St, Suite 300
Indianapolis, IN 46204
(317) 396-0002 EXT 2