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A message from the APA-IN President

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By: Bob Thompson, AICP, President, APA Indiana Chapter

While writing this I am still debating if spring has arrived in Northwest Indiana or anywhere else in Indiana for that matter. At least the snow is gone and there are signs of construction happening with the planning that went on during the winter. The cool weather is not stopping me though from riding my bike on the trails and also enjoying Saturday morning runs up in the dunes along the shores of Lake Michigan. Lately on my weekend runs I have been joined by my daughter Macy. We have run a number of trails in northwest Indiana and also along the Chicago lakefront. It makes me appreciate planner’s hard work in moving forward with health initiatives. It also made me realize why I became a planner, and that is so future generations have a great place to work and live.

Have you ever considered volunteering to work with the APA-IN board, well now is your chance.

A number of items are happening within the Chapter and also nationally with APA and the AICP Commission. I will start first with the Chapter and the consolidated elections. APA asked the Chapters and Divisions to take part in an experiment on consolidating the chapter and national elections. The APA-IN Chapter will be part of this effort along with a few other chapters, California and Metro New York to name a few. Shane Burkhardt, Past-President will be calling out for nominations during the month of May for the positions of President-Elect, Treasurer, Planning Officials Development Officer and Region Representatives from North, Central and South. Normally the chapter requests nominations in September but we have to move this up considerably to meet the schedule APA has set out.

During the Leadership meetings at the Atlanta National Conference, Lee Brown, FAICP, President of AICP Commission gave a presentation on Core Competencies. Currently there are three Advanced Specialty Certifications; Certified Transportation Planner (CTP), Certified Environmental Planner (CEP) and Certified Urban Designer (CUD). AICP Commission is looking at developing more specialty certifications in the future but first they are determining what are the core competencies that planners should know early in their careers and is there a stage where the core changes to more of a specialty requirement. What are the specialty or core competencies that set planners apart from other professions? Should the exam reflect both an academic education and a practice/experience? Should it be considered a 2 step exam similar to other professions? Is this a step towards licensure? The AICP Commission has a task force working on this and I expect to find out more during the Fall Leadership meetings. For those that may be interested below is a sample of the core and specialty components in a diagram with a website. Please weigh in on this important issue.

At the National Conference a number of awards were received by Indiana. Shane Burkhardt won the Chapter Presidents Council “Leadership Award” and the APA-IN Chapter won the “Overall Chapter Achievement Award.” Ball State University planning students also came home with a national award for a student project. I would like to congratulate Shane the APA-IN Chapter and Ball State University students on a job well done. It should be noted that Shane is also taking a national leadership position as he steps in as Vice-Chair of the Chapter Presidents Council.

AICP Core AICP Core2

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