Indiana Chapter - American Planning Association

APA Region IV

Region IV consists of the following states:

Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Missouri, Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin

News from AICP

The AICP Commission is proposing a bylaw amendment that would allow for an alternate track for tenured faculty at Planning Accreditation Board (PAB) accredited schools to become AICP. This would include waiving the AICP exam for tenured faculty to be AICP. News of this change was communicated in the November APA lnteractAICP edition. The APA-IN chapter board became aware of it after other chapters began sharing their responses and comments, learning that comments were due to the Commission by December 1. Here is the response submitted by APA-IN on behalf ofthe membership. You are encouraged to submit your own thoughts by reading through the information and submitting a comment form.

Your APA Region IV Representatives

Cynthia Bowen, AICP

Lee Brown