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APA-Indiana will post any RFPs and RFQs in the APA Region IV area (Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Missouri, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin) and in Kentucky.

There is no charge for this service for projects in the above states. To submit an RFP or RFQ please email Jill Ewing with The Corydon Group, our Chapter Administrator, at


Agency:  Town of Burns Harbor, Indiana

Title: Master Development and Revitalization Advisor

Description: The Redevelopment Commission (the “RDC”) of the Town of Burns Harbor, Indiana (the “Town”) is seeking the submission of qualifications and proposed approaches from qualified firms or teams interested in providing assessment and strategic guidance for the development of land and programs within the Town in a coordinated fashion to align complementary assets, increase tax base, incentivize new entrepreneurial investments, strengthen existing businesses and create a great “place” for residents, local workers and tourists to seek out and enjoy. The successful respondent firm or team should be experienced and successful at similar projects involving the development of mixed-use business districts together with complementary arts, cultural and entertainment programs.

The RDC has a strong current balance sheet, but needs to diversify its tax base and stimulate the development and redevelopment of infill parcels so that a distinct town center is created populated by uses that will expand local employment and quality of life.

The Town is seeking an advisory team with the skills and proven track record for, among other things, assessing the commercial market to identify appropriate small and larger scale users appropriate for location in the Town, providing contacts for potential users as well as information packages for them, advising the RDC on appropriate adjustments to the Town’s Comprehensive Plan, advising the RDC on steps it should take to facilitate or stimulate the desired development, including the creation of improvement or cultural districts, and advising stakeholders on ways to improve the likelihood of successful development.

Deadline: Submittals should be in English, in the form of one original printed copy and one electronic copy in a format that can be copied and distributed electronically. The package must be received, in a complete form, by 5:00p.m. (d) central time, delivered to Greg Miller, President, Burns Harbor Redevelopment Commission, 1240 North Boo Road, Burns Harbor, IN 36304 on October 20, 2014. No late proposals will be accepted for review, whether or not received and accepted at the Town’s offices.



Agency:  Highland Park (Illinois) Department of Community Development

Title: Professional Services for Gateway, Wayfinding, Streetscape Design for CBD

Description: For Professional Services for Gateway, Wayfinding, Streetscape Design and for the Rehabilitation of the Central Avenue Pedestrian Arcade in the Central Business District in the City of Highland Park, Illinois

This Request for Proposal (RFP) seeks a consultant to provide services for the design of gateway features, wayfinding systems, streetscape improvements and for the rehabilitation of the Central Avenue pedestrian arcade for the Central District (CD) in the City of Highland Park, Illinois. The CD is the City’s commercial core and also the area which provides for the highest density housing opportunities in Highland Park. The CD includes areas zoned B5 Central Business District; B4 Service Commercial and RO Residential/Office.

This project represents the third phase in an on-going planning program for Highland Park’s CD. Phase I of the project, initiated in 2009 and completed in 2010, was a “visioning” process. Phase II, completed in 2013, was a land use and zoning study of the CD conducted by a consultant team led by The Lakota Group, which included urban planning, zoning, design and transportation expertise. The City is now in the process of implementing zoning map and text amendments recommended in the Phase II study. This RFP initiates Phase III and seeks to expand on the previous visioning, land use and zoning work to plan for long-term improvements related to the design of gateway features, wayfinding systems and the streetscape in the CD. In addition, the pedestrian arcade, which is a central feature of the downtown streetscape, requires significant rehabilitation and design services are required for that aspect of the program.

Deadline: The RFP closes on September 19, 2014 at 4:00 p.m. CST.



Agency:  City of Jeffersonville Redevelopment Commission

Title: Downtown Jeffersonville Parking and Traffic Study

Description: Click here for the complete RFQ

Deadline: Statements of Qualifications shall be submitted to City of Jeffersonville not later than 4 p.m. ET on September 12, 2014, at Jeffersonville Redevelopment, 500 Quartermaster Court, Jeffersonville, Indiana 47130. Responses delivered in person should be delivered to Jeffersonville City Hall, Redevelopment Office.

Contact: Questions about the request for Statements of Qualifications may be directed to Kelly Phillips at 812-285-6406 until September 5, 2014.


Agency:  Town of Paoli

Title: Zoning Ordinance

Description: The Town of Paoli, Indiana (the “Town”) requests proposals from qualified consultants to assist with developing the Town’s zoning ordinance. On April 15, 2014, upon recommendation by the Town of Paoli Plan Commission, the Town Council of the Town of Paoli, Indiana, adopted the Comprehensive Plan. The Comprehensive Plan is available for review at the following website:

The zoning ordinance will create policies, standards, and regulations to incorporate best practices for land use and development for the Town of Paoli. The Town Council of the Town of Paoli, Indiana and the Town of Paoli Plan Commission are the sole contacts during the solicitation process. Sealed electronic proposals must be submitted by the designated times and dates. Prior experience is required in drafting zoning codes/ordinances and land use planning. Please include the total cost for the complete process of drafting the zoning ordinance.

Deadline: September 2, 2014 no later than 4:30 p.m. EST

Contact: For additional information or questions, contact the Town Attorney, Lyn Fullen, Tucker & Tucker, P.C., 188 S. Court St., Paoli, IN 47454, (812) 723-2313,